Our fees are considerably below the rates charged by the larger firms for lawyers with equivalent experience.

We generally charge on the basis of hourly rates and invoice monthly. However, we have a flexible approach to fee structures and are open to customized fee arrangements, such as a retainer for a fixed period or part-payment at certain milestones.

Our hourly rates are determined by reference to what is commonly known in Perth legal circles as “scale”. This is the determination made by the Legal Costs Committee from time to time under section 275 of the Legal Profession Act 2008 (WA). Under the current determination which came into effect on 1 July 2021, the scale fee for commercial work for a senior practitioner admitted to practise for 5 years or more is $450 per hour, for a junior practitioner admitted to practise for less than 5 years is $320 per hour and for a paralegal is $220 per hour (these rates exclusive of GST). Our current rates are set at the scale fees.

We carefully review each invoice against value received by the client for the legal services provided. For larger matters, we consult with the client in this process.

We charge for disbursements at cost and do not charge for calls, scans, sending emails and other similar secretarial and administrative support services.