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We are excited to continue our partnership with Ignite Mentoring. Ignite’s yearly programme is usually finalized at the start of the university first semester. However, there has been nothing usual about the first semester in 2020 as a result of COVID-19 and Ignite’s programme of mentoring and excursions has been affected. Read on to see what Ignite was involved in last year.

Early on in the first university semester, Ignite Mentoring completed the recruitment of over 100 volunteers. These volunteers attended a full day training day in March, where they learnt the key ways to be a good mentor and the skills needed to work in the classroom. Guest lectures were given by teachers and professionals experienced with working with young people. During the semester, these mentors travel to low socioeconomic high schools once a week to mentor and deliver programmes to educationally disadvantaged high school students in Years 7-10. These programs focus on providing positive role-models and developing students’ soft skills such as teamwork, resilience and self-confidence.

On 3 May and 10 May 2019, Ignite organized excursions for students at Balga Senior High School and then Southern River College to visit UWA. These excursions allow the school students to experience university life for a day and explore the variety of exciting clubs and facilities on offer at UWA. For some, this might be the spark which sets them on the path to a university education.

Comments from an Ignite President in previous years: “This year is shaping up to be Ignite Mentoring’s biggest year ever. We have recruited the best mentors out there to deliver our programs to the largest number of students we have ever had. I am incredibly thankful to our partners at McGuinnLegal for their continued support to assist Ignite Mentoring in achieving our vision of ensuring all students have equal access to a quality education – regardless of their circumstances.”

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